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Saturday, July 17, 2010

My best friend!

So, I have found my new best friend. I never believed in the size matters! Holy cow does it! This is large, but at the same time not huge so it's fun. My husband and I use it together and he loves to see me ride this cock! Mine came with a vibrator that goes inside it, but honestly I can do without it! It needs nothing to help it hit all the right spots! OMG, size is definitely a good thing. It does take some teasing for a bit to loosen me up in the pussy before the awesome cock enters me, but once it does I can't get enough of him! My husband will take him out and tease me and say you want that huge cock back and make me beg, and man oh man will I beg!

The feel is so realistic it's so close to the real thing. It's smooth like a rubber toy usually is, but has all the veins and coarse skin feel and it is heavy and moves just like the real thing. I don't know if you could get closer to the real deal then this! This like I said is made out of rubber and it is porous and extremely durable, so beat this toy up it deserves it! The rubber is also hard to keep clean, so use a condom over it especially if you are going to share this toy! I clean it with warm water and soap after each use no matter what. The best lubricant for this is water or silicone.

My husband enjoys it when I put it in my mouth and act like I'm sucking a huge cock for him! He loves it when we role play, so this is great to bring into the bedroom especially if your man loves a show! Now, if you have a man that isn't secure in his size then keep this one hidden, if not get it and have some couple fun! I like to start by giving my hubby head while my ass is near his face he will stick this in and tease me for quite some time. Once he gets this monster in, I am squirming all around the bed wanting more and more, which only excites my husband more! I LOVE this toy and would definitely recommend this if you enjoy a LARGE realistic cock!

Jeff Stryker realistic cock - Realistic dildos | Review by SexyySarah

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